SupMas' Stuff



Hi everyone,I'm Rocky but most of you know me as SuperMaster10,SupMas,SM10 and Mr.Cartoon.

Things I Like:

ALL Internet (but not internet porn),some stuff from real life,Cartoons,Movies ,Video Games,Comics,Anime,Manga,Drawing Art,Game Consoles & Computers,M.U.G.E.N.,Emulators for pc,Adult Cartoons and Adult Swim,Online Games MMO,Toonami,My Little Pony Friendship is magic,Mr.Bean (Animated or Real),Marvel & DC,Other things

Things I Don't Like

Justin Bibeber,Hannah Montana,High School Musical,Jonas Brothers,Trolls,Halo series,Nick Jr.,Patito Feo,Dragon Ball Series,Naruto,Calliou,Bollywood,Lucky Luck,Smurfs,TOM 4,CN Real,Secret Mountain Fort Awesome,Problem Solverz,Getting Rick Roll'd,Rule 34 Stuff,Fred,Romantic Movies,Ren and Stimpy Adult Party,Invader Zim Haters